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SAC "Solar Wind" - an inexpensive and efficient solar collector. economic efficiency

In order to determine the cost-effectiveness of the use of solar collectors must first determine the amount of heat, which will provide a solar collector for the year (production), for which:

The amount of solar energy in the Earth's surface at that point multiplied by the average efficiency of the solar collector efficiency.

For example, in Kiev:

The amount of solar radiation kWh/m2/year ~ 1384.05 multiplied by the effective efficiency of solar collector ~ 65-70%, we get a solar collector for heat kWh/m2/year 969. That is a good square meter solar collector will produce 969 kilowatts of heat per year.

Taking into account seasonal changes in solar radiation in winter will produce 14%? or 138.3 kW of heat in the spring of 29%? or 437.1 kW, 36% in the summer? or 523.9 kW 284.3 kW in the autumn. In December and January, heat production is minimal, and will be 3.3% per month? of the total heat production per year, or 32 kWh per month.

To determine the cost-effectiveness - received 969 kW of heat needed to compare with the other, an alternative source of heat. For example, 969 kW of heat energy can be obtained from, which will need 969 kWh of electricity. The tariff for the electricity to the population in 2009 in Ukraine amounted to 0.18 ... 0.23 hryvnia / kWh or 0.016 ... 0.02 EUR / kWh. Consequently, for the production of 969 kW of heat you need to spend 969 * 0.016 = 15.5 ... 0.02 ... 19.38 euros per year. From this we can determine the payback period of the thermal solar collector as compared to the other, an alternative form of energy. However, under certain conditions (bungalow, garage cooperatives, dormitories, sub-letting of premises, etc.) rate for the population is already 0.5 hryvnia rate and at such cost of the 969 kW of heat is to be 41.6 Euro per year. And at the current price of our reservoir and without increases in energy prices payback period of approximately 2.4 years. In other words, within 2 years after installation of the collector, he will pay only for saving on heating! But there are still costs for the installation of heating equipment, the cost of the equipment, the cost of its operation. Add to this the cost of eliminating accidents, which by the way is not so rare in the water-heating systems.

Also look at the other advantages of the system, also affect the term of its return.

Installation of the SAC will also:

1. Reduce the cost of cooling buildings. Absorbing and diverting excess heat in summer, SAC prevents overheating of the room naturally. These savings could be about the same as is spent on heating in the winter. That's why we take to calculate the economic effect of the production for the year. Just in the summer months it will work on cooling.

2. Get the clean air system. Many passes air from the room through filters built into the SAC.

3. To improve the thermal conditions of buildings by reducing heat loss through the walls or roof. The design of the SAC is a thermal barrier.

4. Reduced depreciation expense of traditional heating and ventilation systems.

5. Reducing the risk of accidents and the cost of their removal on traditional heating systems.

Also, an additional important factor is the increase in  solar activity , as increasing the amount of solar energy, which can be obtained, ceteris paribus. The graphs graphs show that in 2011 the activity of the Sun 3 times higher than in 2010, and 5! times higher than in 2009. This means that the solar collector installed now, will bring more heat into the house and pay off faster!

As a result, two years later with a small system of SAC - «Solar Wind» will pay all costs for its purchase.

All you need is to buy a solar collector - «Solar Wind» and you will get space heating with sufficient solar irradiance in the absence of (or alongside) other energy sources. Heating is compatible with any existing heating and ventilation system.

The result - getting comfortable, self-contained, beztoplivnoy heating system with minimal costs for buying and for further maintenance and operation.