The future really is now!
Warm house, fresh air and a minimum of trouble.
Reduction in heating costs at least 3 times.
Our know-how embodied in this life.
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It's cold in winter in an apartment or villa must heat or a house. Warm up a shed or greenhouse. Do not throw your money away. Living in a warm and comfortable while taking care of yourself and the environment.

Or perhaps you are concerned about the environment of your home and you do not mind to get rid of odors and along with all the harmful substances flying in your house.

On our site you will find everything needed for what the solar air collector and heat recuperators. How it works, and everything that you need to understand that the installation of air solar collector or heat exchanger has brought results:

Climatic conditions. Solar energy resources in Ukraine
Converting solar energy into thermal energy
Solar air collector. Principle of operation. Two tricks of solar collectors - the greenhouse effect and the thermosyphon
Solar air collectors. SAC. The design and application.
The solar installation. The solar collector. Installation and orientation for efficient conversion. Control devices and their need for orientation.
The solar collector. Kinds and types of solar collectors