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Heat recovery - what it is. Heat reclaimers.

We all know what the bad air in the room. Stuffy, dusty, smelly, smoky. The solution is always one-to change the air and there is no problem. And we include a hood, open the window. The air was changed, fresh and cool. In other words - came fresh, and in winter the cold air from outside. A warm and took away with them not only in trouble, but that no one take did not ask-HEAT. Now imagine a box, which goes all the "bad" air, and from it comes the "good" air. Here is a seemingly magical box and called the-air heat exchanger.

What is a "heat recovery"? - From the Latin "returns, receiving back", ie a device that returns the heat from exhaust air to the room.

Heat exchanger itself, constitutes a double-walled heat exchanger through which hot exhaust air and the cold supply air. Counter flows are towards each other, through a thin metal wall without mixing. Due to the temperature difference between exhaust and supply air, exhaust air is warmer, gives its heat to the colder the supply. Thus there is heat in the recuperator inlet air, and the higher the temperature of the exhaust air flow by up to a higher temperature can be heated inlet.

Thus, you can save up to 80% of the heat, leaving the premises, and a clean, fresh air from outside has warmed up to 80% of the room temperature.

That is, have ventilation, fresh air, we have, and there is no heat loss. They are very reduced.
At present, the development is a new ultra-compact heat exchanger.
Information on new developments will be available shortly.

Modification of an earlier type fortochnogo available by reservation only, because of the need for its manufacture and fit a specific installation location. By filling out the feedback form on the website or by calling our staff, you may make an order, leaving the specific dimensions or call a specialist for advice on the spot.

Aeration slot type recuperators recently got an apt name "Warm ventilator." They are a device that allows you to replace the ventilation system with air vents for a more modern system with no heat loss.
It is known that the heat loss to the airing of the very large. So, up to 80% of these losses and help return the heat exchanger.
Our model is rectangular in shape, put in open window frame of the winter season. Since the instrument, to avoid drafts and excessive heat loss, must take the entire window frame-it is made to order, on a case by case. For wooden windows device is simply screwed to a wooden window opening. Its snug fit is ensured by sealing.
Due to an electrical cable of sufficient length, the device connects to the nearest free outlet.
In our low-power low-voltage applied recuperator scheme which provides a quiet, guaranteed safe and economical operation of the device. The device is also protected from the effects of the environment according to the standards for devices external use.
Power consumption of the appliance 2.5-5 Tues
In other words, at a cost of up to 5W power, you take back ~ 1200W of heat from the air, which is useless and goes out forever.
And get a warm, clean, fresh air, saturated with oxygen.

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