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Gifts for February 14! : 05.02.2012

Soon, February 14 - Valentine's Day!

Our company will make everyone who made the order of solar air collector "Solar Wind" in the period from 02/05/2012 to 14/02/2012, a gift of a 10% discount on the price of the reservation. A necessary condition for a discount - for presentation of the marriage certificate with the date of registration not later than 14.02.2011 year, in other words, since the marriage should not take more than a year. It's fashionable now-a guarantee not more than a year =)) So, if the marriage is still fresh, then the love is still there. =))

Recent weather surprises : 01.02.2012

Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center warns of significant cooling in the period from 1 to 3 February: in the center and north of the country is expected to be -33. A significant warming forecasters expect from February 11.
This was at the press conference said the chief meteorologist Nicholas Kulbida.
In the near future will experience a very diverse nature of weather, "- said the chief meteorologist.
"During February 1-3, will probably be the coldest period in Ukraine, where the minimum temperature in Ukraine will be reduced to -22 - 27 degrees, and in the western, northern and central regions up to 28-33 degrees in some places," - said Kulbida.
According to him, daily temperature, ie, the maximum temperature will be in the range of 15-20 degrees, and in the south of -10-15 degrees.
Thus, in February reaffirmed its reputation as a very frosty months but severe frosts, usually accompanied by a clear and sunny weather, this is clearly seen in photographs such as a satellite site
And the weather is quite favorable for solar heating through the solar air collectors.

The new temperature records. Good public utilities and those who are cold. : 13.01.2012

"Spring" Winter is different records. The current January 2 went down in history. On this day, the maximum temperature was recorded - 6.8 degrees Celsius. The previous record was back in 1902. Then the bracket has risen to 6.5 Celsius. In addition, our meteorologists counted record the highest average daily temperature. It was 4.3 degrees compared with 4.1 in the same 1902. And finally, the highest night temperature! The second of January as it rose up to 4.3 degrees Celsius.
"Ukraine on the weather will be closer to the Balkan countries - as in Bulgaria, northern Greece - a somewhat dry tropical climate. This is typical of the steppe part, to a lesser extent - the forest-steppe, and almost uncharacteristic - for Polissya zone" - the head Nicholas Kulbida meteorologist.

Why is self-contained heat and power is important : 13.01.2012

Daniel Estulin, a political scientist and author of the bestselling book "The True Story of the Bilderberg Club" last year, said the portal Libertynewsonline, as the Bilderberg Group is going to control the global processes.
"They still believe that the world is ruled by the one who controls the energy, the way of delivery and distribution. Common people (they call them "dirty") cast the myth of the omnipotence of the onset of information and computer technology. But turn off the electricity - and the world will crumble like a house of cards "- explains the analyst.
Estulin believes that this club in the arsenal is a powerful opportunity to oppose the civil resistance to globalization: "This is a giant man-made creation of the world crisis, when global GDP will fall by 30 percent, and people will be forced to deal with survival, rather than struggle with the world's most powerful. The present civilization has already passed it - during the "Black Death, the plague in the XIV century, when Europe became extinct 30% of the population."
Unfortunately, and to "advance the omnipotence of the information and computer technology" and to the abundance in the Ukraine away. Or perhaps fortunately. Maybe just a forced transition to a stand-alone heat and power, to which we are now pushing the realities of today's Ukrainian economy and is a step in the right direction.

Solar power is mega important! : 13.01.2012

Recently, Google has sent a request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the United States (FERC) for a license to operate in the energy business, including trade in electricity.
Google continues to lead the development of non-core for myself, to expand the use of alternative energy sources. Last year, the company showed its own electric vehicle test, then presented the "green" data centers. Now Google says about working on a new "mirror technology" that reduces the cost of solar panels by 25-35%. The company's specialists are working with a very unusual materials, such as mirrors reflecting surface and the silicon substrates on which mirrors are mounted. As Google says that their main efforts are focused on solar technology termoenergetiki, where the sun's heat is used to heat a special substance that forms pairs and rotating elektroturbiny. Mirrors in this case, the focus sunlight reflecting and reinforcing it. is now working on the problem reduce the cost of heliostats - mirrors the fields that are automatically rotated by the movement of the sun. hopes within 12-18 months to create and test a technology that will make the mirror panels economically feasible if they are installed in the desert. The second front of - a gas turbine running on solar energy.

Temperature breaks all records : 30.12.2011

December 27, in Kiev broke all temperature records during the observation of the weather, says LigaBusinessInform.

Thus, the maximum temperature reached +8,0 ° Celsius, one degree higher than the previous record set in 1974. The average temperature in the capital amounted to +5,9 °. The previous record for this indicator was registered in 1901 (when the average temperature was +4,7 °).
Recall that on 5 December the average daily air temperature in the capital amounted to +9,3 °, breaking by one degree record set in 1961.

Peak odinadtsatiletnego solar cycle is in full swing. This is a reminder of the fact that solar power is now very relevant.

The traditional Christmas gifts to everyone who made the order of solar air collector "Solar Wind" : 17.12.2011

Soon new year! Traditionally this time of gifts.

Our company is doing to everyone who has made an order of solar air collector "Solar Wind" in the period from 15/12/2011 to 15/01/2012 gift in the form of a 10% discount on the price of the reservation. December and January is not the right time for the collector. But it is a good time to get ready for the season. Buy collector mount system, and in February to enjoy the natural warmth of the house.

Then came the cold. It does not matter! : 14.12.2011

It is now impossible to carry out work on the facade thermal insulation due to low ambient temperature. But in the cold and the houses have to do something.
In this situation, will help with insulation facade solar collector option "Solar wind".
The fact that the "dress up" in the solar collectors can be carried out in the cold season. As a result, the wall will be insulated and will be a source of heat in the house on a sunny day.