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Warm house, fresh air and a minimum of trouble.
Reduction in heating costs at least 3 times.
Our know-how embodied in this life.
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The price policy

Воздушный солнечный коллектор "Solar Wind"

Our pricing policy adheres to the motto "We will deploy your life for the better." Therefore, the order price of our solutions, you will be pleasantly surprised.

However, because of the uniqueness of solutions, the cost of the order is calculated in each case.

So far, all of our orders are considered individually in view of the many nuances.

Base price 1kv.m. area of ​​the solar collector "Solar Wind", which allows to remove 1 kW of thermal power on a sunny day, is ~ 1180 hryvnia (~147$). Base price is indicative only and served for comparison with other offers. The final price depends on the complexity and system configuration, the option selected "Standard" or "Premium" class.

Recuperator "Chandelle"

Recuperator "Chandelle" for the organization of fresh air with a maximum reduction of heat loss at the same time.

Base price 780 hryvnia (~97$). For an additional fee may make individual changes to the design.