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Solar air collector. Principle of operation. Two tricks of solar collectors - the greenhouse effect and the thermosyphon

Mankind has successfully used the energy from the sun all my life and have accumulated a lot of ways. Let us consider the 2 of them.

Why do we have "glass" balconies and greenhouses? Why are we close to the sun, even indoors, or why hot spot on the floor when it falls the sunlight? One answer - the sunlight penetrating through the glass brings the energy. And keep that energy and do not give it back helps the same glass (transparent film, plastic). The greenhouse effect works.

Why does the smoke from the fire rises up? And why is the thrust in the chimney? Because hot air is lighter than cold air and tends upward, and in its place the cold air in a hurry.

On these two principles and operate air collectors. Solar air collectors.
Air collectors. Solar air collectors.

Air collectors, of which we speak, it is not air-intake manifolds cars. No. And not the device moves in and consume the air. No.

Air solar collectors - are devices running on solar energy and heating the air. Solar air collectors are often simple flat-plate collectors are used primarily for space heating, drying of agricultural products. The air passes through the absorber by natural convection, or under the influence of the fan. Because air conducts heat worse than the liquid, it passes the absorber is less heat than the heat transfer fluid. In some solar air heater to the absorbing plate attached fans that increase air turbulence and improve heat transfer. The disadvantage of this design is that it consumes energy for the fans, thus increasing the cost of operating the system. In cold climates, air is directed into the gap between the plate-absorber and insulated rear wall of the collector: thus, avoid heat loss through the glazing. However, if the air is heated by no more than 17 ° C above ambient temperature, coolant can be circulated on both sides of the absorber plate without much loss of efficiency.

The main advantages of air collectors is their simplicity and reliability. These collectors have a simple device. With proper care, high-quality reservoir can last 10-20 years, and its operation is very simple. The heat exchanger is not required, because the air does not freeze.

A potential way to reduce the cost of the collectors is their integration into the walls or roofs of buildings, as well as the creation of reservoirs, which can be assembled from prefabricated components.

Next, we consider examples of industrial use of air collectors.

Examples of industrial air collectors.

Next on the figures discussed the basic principles of the most common types of air collectors.