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Solar air collectors. SAC. The design and application.

Solar air collector (SAC) - a flat, glazed on one side. This work is glazed side facing the sun. The reverse side is designed for mounting and mounting and mounting the module on any surface.

On the sides of the module or on the reverse side there are technological holes for intake and output of heated air. Glazing is a special glass with a low content of impurities of iron (Fe). This module is designed for mounting either directly on any surface facing the sun (walls, roof) and on the skeleton, which in turn can be mounted in a suitable location (wall, roof, ground). The modules are designed to collect, convert solar radiation to heat the air used in the future for space heating.

Modules can be mounted to the group. The group of modules - the panel to build capacity of the system can have any dimensions that are multiples of the size of the modules. The size of the panel, starting with a certain level, introduces design constraints. 

Modules, mounting system, the frame, connecting hoses, automation elements constitute a system of additional stand-alone fuel free heating on the basis of the SAC. 

Main purpose of installing a heating system based on the SAC- reducing heating costs, increase the autonomy of the premises, housing.

The system is designed for space heating with sufficient solar irradiance in the absence of (or alongside) other energy sources (such as gas, electricity, liquid and solid fuels). The system can not be the main heating system, because it does not provide permanent characteristics, such as during the day and at change of seasons. However, the system can be integrated into any existing heating system and ventilation.

The result of integration of the system - reducing the cost of heating (with certain modifications and cooling), increasing the autonomy of the housing until the complete failure of external power sources.

Benefits - to provide a comfortable, self-contained, beztoplivnoy heating system with minimal costs for buying and for further maintenance and operation.

System based on the SAC has many uses:
Balcony apartment buildings, single, dual front modules, simple facade systems;
Single and dual roof modules, roofing systems are simple.
Yes. You were not mistaken. Solar air collectors can be mounted even on the balcony. And then you will have a balcony warmer (unless of course it is glazed and insulated). The collector will heat the air in the balcony. 
SAC also can be mounted on the facade. Or to collect on the facade of several modules, thus building up the power system.

And you can gather from the plain facade system modules, to make both insulated, beautiful facade of glass and simultaneously heating system with solar collectors.

Since the thickness of the module SAC does not exceed 15 cm, according to town planning rules and regulations, possible installation of these modules on the facade without permission. Installation of this module can be equated to conduct work on the facade insulation (eg foam or mineral wool). The cost and complexity of these works is approximately equal to the cost of work on the insulation of the facade, but may vary slightly depending on the complexity of a specific location (tall buildings, wall material, the complexity of the building facade, etc.).

Section collector "Solar Wind", prepared for installation.
The same applies to applications on the roofs. From single units to the roof of glass. And do not be confused by the glass on the roof. We used glass technology can withstand hail 4-5cm in diameter! Furthermore, even if a larger degree and be able to break through the glass, it does not penetrate into your home. The collector will be able to help prevent this in the rest of the structure.
One of the options include a solar air collector. Scheme of SAC.
The figure shows a variant of the scheme. In this case, the roof system with forced circulation of air through the fan installed in the attic. The system is controlled by a thermostat. Air intake is at the bottom of the room where the air is cold and hot air return is on top.

As the air enters the house hot <70 ° C, putting it above the level justified and human growth it gets mixed with the air in the room is cooled to a comfortable temperature.

There are also options for integrating a heating system based on solar air collector Ground source (SAC) in the air heating system at home. In this case there is no need for a separate hot air entering the house. Entering air is integrated into the system of air heating and distributed it on the premises.
Reminder! All of the above applies to facades or roofs to the south, southwest and southeast. Collectors for their work requires light sun. Do not forget about it!
And if you do not have the facade or roof facing south, or they are busy or unavailable (windows, cornices, etc.) then you have yet another opportunity if you do not get heat from the outside, then save the current heat exchanger using.
Heat recovery - what it is. Heat reclaimers.